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If you have a blogsite (or would like one) and you like HotForCool's design, you can
Have Your Blog-Site Webpages Re-Coded for Viewing on Smart Phones

It's called “Responsive Design.” Many websites that were not built within the last couple of years can be viewed easily on a regular sized computer screen. However, those sites don't fit the smaller screens of smart phones and tablets. The only way to fix this is to re-code the site so that the menus and pictures shrink to fit.

I can do this for you.

My style is clean, elegant and unique -- and doesn't look like everybody else's sites. On Hot Stuff for Cool People I used an eye-catching slider for the home page and made up a gradient background for most all of the pages, so that as the viewer scrolls down the page, the background color changes.
Best of all, this website now shrinks to the size of the screen on smart phones and tablets.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

I'm not affiliated with a company, so I can keep my prices low.
The home page on hotforcool.com was $150.
The subsequent pages range from:

  • $75 for a page that has a small menu, about 1,000 words and 2 pictures -- altogether only 12kb size.
    (See the Food page of www.hotforcool.com for an example.)
  • to:
  • $600 for a massive page that has about 20,000 words and 50 pictures, at 148kb.
    (See the Anime-Manga  page of www.hotforcool.com for an example.)

  • I can quote you a price for your specific pages.
    You don't have to make all of your pages responsive. You can select which ones you want done.
    This is the case with http://www.ShootingStarAstrology.com. I only recoded several pages.

    You can contact me, if you'd like to at webby@hotforcool.com.